About Supertext

Supertext is the best way to keep in contact with everyone you know. It is free, no matter if you are chatting in group or directly with a friend. And the best of all, Supertext works on all phones - with a smartphone app or via sms. You can always reach your friends, whenever you want, however you want.


How do I get started?

The Supertext app is free. Download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Is Supertext free?

Downloading and using Supertext is completely free. The only fees are the ones that you would normally pay to send SMS or data fees while using the app. The app will use your 3G/4G or Wi-Fi if it is available. If you want to send an SMS to your group it will cost like a one of your normal SMS, no matter the size of the group (and it is free if SMS is included in your subscription).

I'm using the SMSgrupp app today, can I switch to Supertext without affecting my groups?

Yes you can! If you have used SMSgrupps service earlier you can replace it with Supertext. All of your existing groups and settings are available in the Supertext app and you can send and receive messages via SMS just as you did before.

How do I start a chat?

Adding friends to a chat is easy! Click on the plus or write icon on the inbox, and select the contacts from your contacts that you want to chat with. It doesn't matter if your friends have the app or not, if they don't they'll be able to chat with your group via SMS instead.

How many people can be in the same chat?

You can have up to 50 members in the same chat.

Can I add members to the chat that don't have the app installed?

Yes. When you create a chat with people that doesn't have the app installed your messages will be sent via SMS/MMS to them (for free). They can chose if they want to reply via SMS or to download the app and reply there instead.

Can I receive messages via SMS instead of via the app?

Yes, you can in Sweden and Argentina. You can configure this per group by going to: the chat > settings > Messages via SMS.

What does it cost to send an SMS?

Sending SMS to a chat costs the same as one of your normal SMS, no matter the size of the group. If SMS is included in your subscription, it is free.

Does it cost anything to send a message from the app

All messages that you send from the app are free

Does it work abroad?

Yes, you can send messages no matter where in the world you are, all you need is an internet connection.

I want to remove someone from my chat, how do I do it?

To remove a member from the chat, go to the chat in the Supertext app, go to Settings > Members > select the member that you want to remove, and click Remove.

Who is in my groupchat?

To view the members of your chat, from the chat in the app > go to Settings > Members

How do I add more members to a chat?

To add more members to your chat, go to the chat in the app > go to Settings > Add members.

I'm not receiving notifications about new messages!?

Verify that you have an internet connection and check so that you haven't accidentally disabled push notifications.

I'm no longer receiving messages since I uninstalled the app, what do do?

We'll fix that! Make sure that the app is uninstalled from your phone. Then write your phone number in the box below and follow the on-screen instructions. When you're done you'll receive messages via SMS instead of via the app.

I'm sending SMS to the group but I'm not receiving any messages.

When you send a message to your group it will only be sent to the other members. You'll receive an SMS when someone else sends a message to the group.

What do I do if I lost my phone number?

Login on your account or use the app and invite your new phone number to your groups and remove the old one. Or ask another group member to do it for you.

Why can't I create more groups?

With the Supertext-app you can create as many groups as you want! If you don't have the app it depends on what operator you have, but you can always join at least 10 groups. We're hoping to be able to increase this limit soon.

Can I share my group number with others?

No, only invited members can send messages to the group.

Do all members have the same number to the group?

No, all members can have different numbers to the group, depending on their carrier and if they are in other groups. That is why it doesn't work to share your group number to another member.

I have switched to another operator, will it affect my groups?

No, changing operator will only affect yourself. No other member of your groups will be affected by you changing carrier.

How does Supertext make money?

We collaborate with all Swedish operators, and charge them for our service.